Our Mission is to use our established sustainability principles to minimize our environmental impact and develop a culture that eliminates wastes and promotes reuse and recycling of its products and materials. Our vision is to be a zero discharge community participant.

  1. New Steel DrumsDrums created from recycled steel are themselves recyclable, and are capable of being reconditioned multiple times.
  2. FillingWith its ability to be reused, reconditioned and recycled, the steel drum is among the safest, most environmentally sound packaging in the world.
  3. EmptyingAfter customers utilize the various contents of their drums, they are ready for collection.
  4. CollectionOnly certified drip-dry empty drums that have the original labels intact and all the closures secure are accepted for reconditioning.
  5. ReconditioningReconditioning and reusing steel drums conserves natural resources and keeps drums out of landfills.
  6. RecyclingEmpty steel drums that can no longer be reconditioned are sanitized prior to being sent off to be recycled back into steel.
  7. Recycled SteelInfinitely recyclable, that worn out empty steel drum ends up back in the steel process.